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1  Contract Basis

       Industrial, commercial and trade customers can get our catalog. We accept any orders shall comply with the conditions of sale. Except with the prior written consent of us, the other provisions shall not apply.

2  Delivery Contract Basis
       Delivery period shall be determined in accordance with the inventory and transportation mode with our clients to deliver a written agreement before the catalog specific commodities. Under normal circumstances, provide delivery Dragon Tower Dragon Tower designated location for logistics centers or other business address, the requirements for delivery, the dragon tower can arrange logistics and transport. Dragon Tower logo weekday delivery date. Dragon Tower delivery date or time to customer requests are estimates only date, which shall not be deemed to our contractual obligations. Customer shall provide unloading tools.
3  The Acceptance and Rejection
       When you receive the goods, please be sure to sign the consignee at the spot in front of the staff to confirm delivery of goods received no damage, sealing tape unopened case. If the goods outside the box labeled with fragile identity, be sure to check the box on the spot out of the box if the goods are damaged. If damaged, can be indicated on the receipt directly: damage internal parts, I reject the word, by the logistics company Dragon Tower and back; if the product does not match, you can be rejected.

  There are obvious signs of damage, such as packaging, you can reject the goods and inform us, we will deal with and bear the transportation costs arising therefrom; if you sign the packaging has obvious signs of damage to the goods after the goods have mistakenly complaints or there is damage, I am afraid we can not accept.

4  Retirement / Replacement
       Dragon Tower assure customers, unless otherwise specified, within 90 days of purchase, under normal use, all products have no defects in workmanship or materials ("defects"). Within 90 days of purchase, such as customer found defects by Dragon Tower choose a replacement or repair. At the same time the customer shall be accompanied by invoices and related documents.

  Whether the product is defective in material or workmanship on, determined by the dragon tower. Repair or replacement is the full form of industrial compensation force may be provided to customers. In addition to the guarantee, the dragon tower did not make any other warranties. For catalog due to misuse, Catalog Product Catalog Product defect improper selection or improper use and the occurrence of claims or warranty claims, Dragon Tower does not bear any responsibility. In addition to the guarantee made clear Dragon Tower, Dragon Tower industry has not made any implied warranty or other applicable law outside.

  Buy any existing Dragon Tower product ("Product"), in the case of normal use, within 15 days as long as the product packaging intact, accurate and does not affect the number of re-sale, unless otherwise specified, the customer can return. Meanwhile invoices and related documents to be returned. If the VAT invoice is issued, the customer shall refund the VAT invoice. If you can not provide the original invoice or VAT "Scarlet VAT invoices issued requisitions", the back-tax price of 15-20% of the product as a "return operating expenses" Customers need to pay.

5  The price paid
       Unless otherwise agreed, the customer should pay all the money wire transfer in advance. Only when expressly agreed, can be paid in the following ways: a) the payment by check; b) Payment on delivery; c) pay 3/7/14/30 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

6  Limitation of Liability
  Unless otherwise expressly provided in the directory, we offer merchandise for catalog merchandise since the transfer of risk from a 12-month quality guarantee to customers. Above warranty shall not apply to the case of normal wear and tear.

  Legitimate claims, the company will, as appropriate, in the relevant warranty period free repair of goods ("Service") to eliminate defects or provide flawless goods ("replacement"). However, if the customer has led to the use of, or otherwise unable or difficult to repair goods, then we do not need to assume the above maintenance obligations.

  Can not be within a reasonable period of service, the customer may request a reasonable reduction in price ("price reduction") or discharge under the contract of sale possible and claim damages.

  Damages based on claims arising from the contract include: intent, gross negligence, breach of contract basic obligations, fails to perform quality assurance and other mandatory liability expressly provided by law, such as mandatory provisions relating to product liability. Our liability shall be limited to foreseeable losses may occur under normal circumstances, but not in the case of willful default of this column.

  Wrongful death, personal injury or damage to health rights advocate, is not restricted by these responsibilities impact. This should apply to the mandatory liability provisions. In addition, we will not bear any responsibility.

  In addition to the provisions of any other guarantee and / or liability (including, but not limited to damages) should clearly be excluded. Whether such a guarantee and / or liability is any kind, regardless of its cause by what reason.

7  The applicable law and jurisdiction
       Applicable to the contract between the customer and our legal People's Republic of China, according to the interpretation of its provisions. All contracts are governed by force -Applicable to the contract between the customer and our legal People's Republic of China, according to the interpretation of its provisions. All disputes are governed by contract disputes Dragon Tower (China) Ltd. seat of the Court.

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